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Software Development


Software Development

The Software Development Company in Noida gives you a wide scope of top of the line programming and improvement of administrations. We at Heuristic have the creative team of professionals who work on Outsourcing Software Development process, study, research and understand the client's requirements. This makes our team the one of the best software development outsourcing companies in Noida.

Our group of software professionals have an incredible feeling of key business insights which can be a master key for your business. Our Software Company in Noida completely understands that in the software business every client has different demands and also that each business has a separate arrangement of business requirement so we have built up a wide range of programming services for you to take into account as per your needs. You can avail these services without spending much with our Software Company in Noida.

Work Process

We follow Few Steps

It is worth noting that the steps we are going to explore are identical for any software development process. At Syndicode, we also follow these specific software development steps to ensure the highest quality of the software we deliver..



Requriment Analysis

Firstly we analysis the requirement of software development




Completely synthesize one-to-one interfaces vis-a-vis client-focused alignments.




Progressively streamline cooperative sources whereas stand-alone channels.



Design & Development

Objectively underwhelm one-to-one deliverables whereas impactful solutions.




Interactively seize innovative platforms vis-a-vis ubiquitous portals.

softer Development
Beacon Integration

Beacon integration allows for you to communicate with users in different ways based on their location in or around your attraction.

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 location services
GPS Integration

This document explains the basics of GPS and how to integrate the GPS hardware to the Android stack for use with Android location service.

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 Porting and Migration services
Porting and Migration

migration and porting is a collective set of services that take on a wide range of technologies and architectures.

 payment gateway Integration services
Payment Gateway Integration

Integrated payment gateways use an application programming interface (API) to connect your store or business to gateway services.

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